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Experience the Difference
From the moment you walk into one of our establishments you will notice the differences that set us apart from other Italian eateries. Starting with the quaint atmosphere that's reminiscent of a small Italian village, the feeling of relaxation begins the second you enter one of our restaurants. Whether the aroma of our fresh baked breads, the smell of simmering sauce or the scent of the fresh garlic sautéing in olive oil something tells you that you are about to have a truly authentic Italian experience that is sure to delight you from entrance to exit.

One of the Family
Whether it be our patrons or employees, everyone is a member of sals family when entering one of our eateries. It is this philosophy that instills both love and pride into both the food we prepare as well as the service we offer. Our managers understand that anything less than excellence is unacceptable and all of our staff is trained in great detail, from the people who answer the phone to the chefs who know all of our greatest recipes, you can expect only the best.

Arguably the Best Pizza
With a wide variety of menu options ranging from our California chopped chicken salad to entrees such as gamberoni scampi and veal scallopini you can be sure you will enjoy our traditional Italian dishes as well as some of our chefs custom creations. And then of course there's the pizza, from the moment you walk in, you will know that pizza is serious business around here.

Buon Appetito

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